Founder Architect Durmuş Temiz

He dedicated himself to be one of the pieces of modern architecture  From the beggining of his graduation from Architect Faculty...


He adopt to create cities referance points as a principle and became the leader of aluminum system solutions.
He loves his job with understanding of qualified products, workmanship and service.


He succeded that transfer of his experiences and knowledges to his son Bora Temiz and his daugter Oylum Temiz  and carry on Temiz Metal to second generation.


He reflects  his family culture to his work and you can feel that family sincerty from the first step as you get in to the company.

Foundation Of Temiz Metal


Architect Durmuş TEMİZ, has taken his first step to create that growing everyday company, one year later after his graduation from Yıldız Teknik University Architect Faculty in 1974. 

In the same year of he founded Temiz Metal, he added his architecture and technical machine knowledges to aluminum and become a leader of the Industry.


The works that produced by a group of a creative and talented architectures and engineers with unique, esthetic, innovative and modern lines are turns to real life spaces.







Today's Temiz Metal


The most qualified materials are prepared with most modern technologic equipment and craftsmans which knows the stuff.In Temiz Metal's 8000 square meters servicing are the group which includes this creative architect, engineering team and experienced crafts are producing:


* Curtain Wall Systems

* Panel Facade Systems

* Transparent Facade

* Aluminium Windows

* Skylight

* Aluminium Composites Panel Cladding

* Metal Panel Claddings

* Mechanic Construction Cladding

Quality Policy

"Temiz Metal, adopt; not gaining only customers but also friends and give importance to see their happiness and satisfaction as a princible."


With this Princible, Temiz Metal is working for not just only stay the leader of the sector's latest and modern quality practices but also giving more qualified servicing.


We are also still climbing to being leader in multiple floor building services and working with same quality level with national giant companies like all of other services we give.

ISO 9001-2008 "RINA" quality management system  

We complete of our quality philosophy with gaining ISO 9001-2008 "RINA" quality management system certificate in 2006.



With all of these systematic service understanding, Temiz Metal is an essential choice of nationally famous and most successful companies.


Temiz Metal, gained all of their customers trust under the favor of completing all of the jobs at the right time without missing any of even the smallest details.  

Temiz Metal Curtain Wall Systems| 2024

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